Learn How Adobe Abandoned the Yearly Performance Appraisals

In this past year, 7Geese has helped many organizations such as IOD, Medivo, and Guidespark to move away from the yearly traditional performance management. These innovative companies have realized that the annual appraisal process was not working for them anymore. … Continue reading

3 Ways To Retain Top Talent In Your Organization

There is a war out there to find great talent, and it’s not getting easier. Companies are investing more time and effort into building their recruiting processes to better attract and retain top talent on a global scale. According to … Continue reading

Introducing Enhanced 7Geese 1-on-1s

We have released several great new (and much requested!) updates to our 1-on-1s. Below is a list of all the new updates and a video walkthrough demonstrating the new functionality. Administrators can now create multiple templates for manager to use. Managers … Continue reading

Better 1-on-1s: Let Your Employees Do the Driving

It is very clear to all organizations that good employee communication is crucial for the health of the business and also for employee retention rate. As your business starts growing, it becomes harder to ensure that all employees are well-aligned … Continue reading

How To Make Your Organization More Agile By Using The Lean Startup Methodology

If you had the choice of deploying your product to 1000 of your potential target customers right now or waiting 6 more months to perfect the product, what should you do? Some members of your team will push to wait … Continue reading

7Geese is hiring a senior full-stack web engineer in Vancouver

7Geese is growing! We need the help of smart, passionate and dedicated people to help us continue our journey to build the world’s most innovative talent management platform. 7Geese is a social talent management tool for continuous employee feedback, coaching, … Continue reading

7Geese: Major Updates Released for Objective Explorer

Happy New Year to our 7Geese readers! The 7Geese team is all refreshed and ready to tackle 2014. I sat down with Amin, our CEO, today to announce our new release and also a quick preview of what 7Geese has … Continue reading

OKRs Alignment: Why Alignment of Objectives is Crucial for Your Organization

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) has caught the attention of organizations from small and medium businesses to enterprises. Many managers think that tracking OKRs is the same as managing their direct reports’ task lists. OKRs methodology is more than tasks … Continue reading

7Geese Case Study – Conquer Mobile

Conquer Mobile is a specialist in mobile strategy and mobile workforce solutions. With deep expertise in iOS, mobile security, 3D visualization and SharePoint integration, Conquer Mobile has become a trusted expert for secure, custom business apps. Location: Vancouver, Canada Number of … Continue reading

7Geese Case Study – MediaAgility

MediaAgility is a new paradigm cloud solutions company headquartered in the beautiful university town of Princeton New Jersey. They have operations in the US, UK, India and Singapore. MediaAgility has helped over 150 clients across 9 countries to migrate to … Continue reading

7Geese Case Study – Medivo

About Medivo: Medivo is an innovative healthcare technology company that empower patients to get better treatment, enable physicians to more effectively care for patients between visits, and eliminate waste in the healthcare system. The company is based in New York … Continue reading

Understand Performance to Better Implement Goal Setting in your Organization

This week, I have focused my blog posts on performance management. I thought it would be interesting to share what are the issues companies are facing today and how revamping their performance management system can help them be successful. For … Continue reading

How Revamping Your Performance Management Leads to Higher Employee Engagement

It has become a known fact that nowadays, the average worker stays in each job for 4.4 years. Forbes’ latest article also suggests that the new wave of Generation Y workers entering the workforce will stay in a job for … Continue reading

Why You Should Revamp Your Performance Management Process

Last year, Cornerstone On Demand released a great survey regarding performance management in the workplace. The data clearly reflects what many of our clients encountered as an issue before implementing 7Geese in the organization – their employees are tired of … Continue reading

How 1:1 Coaching Sessions Can Drive Performance

One-on-one coaching sessions have become part of many companies’ internal processes. Managers have realized the power of these employee-focused sessions – coaching your employees drives high performance. Effective 1:1 coaching has a transformational impact both on the individuals being coached … Continue reading

Accelerate Company Growth by Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits is a book by Verne Harnish and a company execution methodology that many mid-size companies use to accelerate their growth. It is based on John D. Rockefeller’s leadership and management principles and it also incorporates Jim … Continue reading

OKRs Mistakes and Learnings For a Startup

I have the pleasure to publish a new blog post written by Adam Lieb, CEO of Duxter. He previously wrote about Why Your Startup Should Use OKRs, sharing his experience on how he decided to start using Objectives and Key … Continue reading

Working Smart: Use OKRs for Better Company Performance

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Forbes published an article about Why Millennial Women are Burning Out at Work Before 30 couple of years ago and it still resonates with me. With the economic downturn, there is a pressure … Continue reading

Smart Gamification: Applying Game Design Concepts to Recognition Programs

Recently, I have taken a keen interest on the topic of gamification in the workplace. Gamifying business processes is becoming a hot trend in the world of Human Resources. Gamification is the use of game mechanics and game designs in … Continue reading

Maximize Employee Engagement by Using a Social Platform

The world of HR is revolutionizing with the introduction of social platforms. HR processes such as recruitment, payroll and benefits, and performance management are no longer paper-based; HR vendors such as 7Geese are providing an easy-to-use, social, and innovative platform … Continue reading

How OKRs Help Me Become a Better Employee

Most Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) articles I have read about discuss the benefits of OKRs from the perspectives of CEOs and managers. OKRs promote alignment and transparency in the organization. All members know each others’ objectives and link them … Continue reading

Gamifiying Culture: Using Social Recognition to Strengthen Company Culture

Recently, I watched a TED talk by Jane McGonigal on how Gaming Can Make a Better World. Her example on how gamers rally together on World of Warcraft resonated well with me as I was thinking of writing a blog … Continue reading

A World Without Managers: Learn What the Future of Work Looks Like

Imagine an organization where no one has a boss. There are not job titles with  “manager” in them.  Actually, no one has a specific job description as employees get to negotiate their responsibilities with their peers. To accomplish their goals, … Continue reading

Eliminating Performance Ratings: Learn How Medtronic Did It

Two years ago, Medtronic Inc, a Minneapolis-based developer and manufacturer of medical device technology and therapies, scrapped its performance management system. It eliminated the traditional rating-based performance management system. No more assigning a number between one and five to each … Continue reading

OKRs: 4 Questions to Ask Before Rolling Out OKRs to the Organization

The concept of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is simple, yet very powerful for many organizations. Companies such as Google, Zynga and Duxter have experienced great benefits from adopting OKRs in their business operations. The methodology encourages each employee, regardless … Continue reading

7Geese Launches its Enhanced Goals and OKRs Tracking Feature

Everyone understands the power of setting meaningful goals. It creates alignment, focus, and enables individuals, teams, and the whole organization to achieve great outcomes. We have seen many tech companies adopting the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) goal setting process … Continue reading

OKRs: Potential Issues and How to Deal with Them

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) methodology is gaining popularity in the business world. More and more organizations are following the path of Google by applying the concept of OKRs to their own businesses. Companies ranging from Fortune 500 to startups … Continue reading

Eliminate Your Performance Reviews Step by Step (3/3)

This blog post is the third and last part of my “Eliminating Your Performance Reviews” series where I use Kurt Lewin’s Theory of Change to explain how you can effectively transition from traditional performance reviews to adopting a social performance … Continue reading

Eliminate Your Performance Reviews Step by Step (2/3)

This blog post is the second part of my “Eliminating Your Performance Reviews” series where I use Kurt Lewin’s Theory of Change to explain how you can effectively achieve successful change management from traditional performance reviews to social performance management. … Continue reading

Why Return Path is moving from traditional performance reviews to an agile self-managing organization [+Video]

In July, 7Geese announced its partnership with Return Path to build the world’s first self-management people platform. We were ecstatic to have Angela Baldonero, the Senior VP of People and Client Success at Return Path, in our Vancouver office to … Continue reading

Eliminate Your Performance Reviews Step by Step (1/3)

More companies are trying to break away from the annual performance appraisals to adopt a more social performance management process. Many professionals have voiced their opinions that traditional performance reviews are ineffective and employees loathe them. Companies such as 7Geese … Continue reading

Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer During an Interview

Towards the end of an interview, the recruiter or hiring manager will most likely ask “Do you have any questions for me?” This is an opportunity for you, as a job applicant, to dig deeper into the position and the … Continue reading

The Key to Effective Feedback: Learn How to Receive It

Many employees loathe negative feedback. It is never pleasant to have someone tell you that your performance is not satisfactory or your behaviours are not aligned with the organization’s core values. It is also not a great experience to be … Continue reading

Use the 70-20-10 Model For Your Learning and Development Program

Malcolm O’Neal, VP of HR at Ascend Materials, introduced to me the concept of 70-20-10, a learning approach used by many established companies such as SAP, Microsoft and Nike. While learning more in-depth about the model, I have found that … Continue reading

Amplexor Says Goodbye to Annual Performance Reviews

The 7Geese team is ecstatic to be mentioned in Solutions – The Business Technologies Magazine in Belgium last week. The Magazine interviewed our client, Geert Mortier, Co-founder of Amplexor, an IT services company focused exclusively on Enterprise Content Management on … Continue reading