Recorded Webinar: Using OKRs to Achieve Great Results in 2015

It’s the start of a new year, and for many of us that means setting and achieving some serious company goals. A lot of companies are attributing their success to a sophisticated goal setting process called Objectives and Key Results, … Continue reading

4 Not-So-Obvious Reasons Your Employees are Disengaged

Everywhere we look is new research validating the negative impact of employee disengagement. It’s a problem we all care about since we know poor employee engagement affects one’s ability to do their jobs, to collaborate, and to be an effective … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions Every Manager Should Make

So here we are. A brand new year, and a time to make some serious resolutions. As artificial as it may seem, the start of a new year prompts a lot of us to contemplate some major changes. Some of … Continue reading

8 Ways to Achieve Your 2015 Goals

It’s the end of a year–a time when most of us are full of optimism and ready to set new goals. Yet sadly, like a bad new year’s resolution, if the proper steps aren’t taken, a lot of us won’t … Continue reading

[WEBINAR RECORDING] The Future of Performance Management: 2015 and Beyond.

Performance reviews have long been a source of frustration for both employees and managers. Yet we still conduct them. Why? Because we know performance management is critical to business. The problem however is that for many years we viewed performance … Continue reading

Introducing 7Geese Objectives App for iPhone & Android, Gmail Plug-in, and more

Happy Holidays! To add to the festivities, we are excited to announce a few cool new features to 7Geese. Firstly, we have released the 7Geese Objectives mobile app for both iPhone and Android. You can now set and check-in to objectives, and see your … Continue reading

5 Performance Management Trends for 2015

Are you ready to transform your workplace in 2015? Or are you doomed to repeat the same performance management process that failed to deliver value to your employees and your organization? Revamping your performance management can be frightening for some. … Continue reading

Questions from our Performance Management Webinar

I love technology…. when it works. But when it doesn’t….it isn’t so much fun. Some unexplained glitch in today’s webinar (The Future of Performance Management: 2015 and Beyond) meant that we missed a bunch of questions form our audience. Fortunately, … Continue reading

The Difference Between Core Values, Mission & Vision Statements, and Goals

In a previous blog I discussed how a lot of companies confuse goals with core values. It’s an easy mistake to make; especially if you are in the midst of some heavy strategic planning for next year. We often write … Continue reading

Your Goal Setting Sucks. Here’s How to Fix it

Ask any business if they have goals and they will probably say yes. Some will recite them by memory, some will proudly display them on their website, and some will brag how theirs are better than their competitors. It’s something … Continue reading

When the Honeymoon is Over: How to Engage Employees After the First Year

Remember how excited your last new hire was? They arrived to work energized, engaged, and in love with their work and colleagues. The practically had your company’s core values tattooed across their chest. Fast forward to a year later. Suddenly … Continue reading

Moz Empowers Employees with Real-Time Performance Reviews

Search Engine Optimization software company Moz knows it takes an exceptional team to deliver exceptional products – an approach that extends to their exceptional take on performance reviews.
Continue reading

7 Reasons to Work at 7Geese

Our latest hire can’t stop raving about how much he is enjoying working with us. Whether he is just enjoying the “new hire honeymoon phase”, or just trying to impress us, he has reminded us of a lot of cool … Continue reading

5 Reasons Your Employee Awards Program isn’t Working

Many years ago a colleague of mine was handed a service award for 15 years of commitment to the workplace. He was also given a large cash bonus and a trip to Hawaii. Not that I had anything against this … Continue reading

How 7Geese Helps Moz Level Up Performance Management

We have amazing customers all around the world. All with very similar goals of improving performance management and helping their employees be the best they can every day.

One of our customers, Seattle-based Moz, recently explained on their development blog how 7Geese is helping them level up their performance management while helping them get things done. Continue reading

The Results Chain: A Logical Model to Achieve Results

I gave a lunch and learn presentation today at 7Geese HQ about the Results Chain. The Results Chain model is used frequently in government and non-for-profit organizations for making sure these organizations are impactful since profit is not their main … Continue reading

[WEBINAR] Employee Recognition: what it is, what it isn’t, and why it matters

Employee recognition has come a long way in the last 20 years. It’s no longer a pat on the back, and it definitely isn’t just a paycheck. Employees now want to feel supported, appreciated, and respected in the workplace; from … Continue reading

How to win respect from your employees. Every time.

Are you frustrated that your employees aren’t listening to you? Does it bug you to know you are ridiculed and mocked behind your back? Leadership wasn’t supposed to be like this was it? You envisioned everyone looking up to you … Continue reading

7Geese Launches New Dashboard Summary

You asked for a better dashboard and we delivered. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Cycles, a brand new way to summarize ALL your 7Geese activity. In one simple dashboard you can now view your objectives, recognition, feedback, and … Continue reading

Continuous Performance Management

Work is happening in real-time and employees now expect real-time feedback to achieve their objectives and to improve their performance. Everyone seems to agree that traditional performance reviews are broken but how do you create a more continuous performance management process … Continue reading

Are you setting your employees up to succeed or fail?

Despite being an avid baseball fan, I’ve always struggled to understand the value of the relief pitcher, a.k.a. the closer. To me, when someone is succeeding, you keep them in and you let them control the win. Makes sense right? … Continue reading

How are you REALLY coming across to your employees?

Imagine this: Your new sales rep has been working his tail off, but isn’t quite hitting his number. You get a little concerned, so naturally you email him and tell him that you would like to talk about his performance. … Continue reading

What’s YOUR Scariest Performance Review Story?

October: a month of creepy ghouls, ghosts, and witches. In celebration of this we’ve decided to expose one of the most frightening phenomena out there: the Annual Performance Appraisal. Bad performance reviews, like Zombies, can eat away at our brains. … Continue reading

What can a new employee achieve in 90 days?

It isn’t easy being a new employee. First there is all the learning involved–from the company, to the product, to the marketplace. Then there is the strain of learning everyone’s names and trying to fit into a brand new culture. … Continue reading

8 Things Employees Enjoy More than an Annual Performance Review

It’s time to stop pretending annual performance reviews are ok. They aren’t. It’s a one sided process that pretty much everyone hates. And yet companies everywhere STILL do them. Yes, employees DO still need communication and feedback, but not just … Continue reading

[WEBINAR] Coaching vs Managing. Do you know the difference?

Remember when managing employees consisted of just telling people what to do? Well times have changed. The workplace is evolving and employees are now seeking environments where they can grow professionally; both in their current workplace, and in their career. … Continue reading

Have Workplaces Become Too Much Fun?

Onsite cafes, workplace massages, unlimited vacations, free drycleaning–that’s pretty much the norm for a lot of tech companies these days. Especially those in the startup world. If you are new to the startup space, or if perks like these seem … Continue reading

Are Stretch Goals Demoralizing or Encouraging?

Whether in the workplace or in our personal life, we can all relate to the exhilarating feeling of reaching a near impossible goal–that fleeting intoxicating moment where we feel like we are on top of the world and that we … Continue reading

5 Examples of Bad Goals (And how to fix them)

Goal setting may seem like a simple task, but when you are accountable for your goals, as with OKRs, it becomes super important to get it right. If you are familiar with any goal setting process, you’ve probably heard of … Continue reading

[Webinar recording] How to use OKRs to achieve your year end goals

Are you ready for the final quarter of 2014? Have you met your intended objectives and goals for this year? Don’t fret–it’s not too late to make a real impact in the last quarter. Just ask successful companies like Google, … Continue reading

Join 7Geese at the HR Technology Conference in Vegas

We will be attending the HR Technology Conference in Vegas from October 7-10th, 2014 to showcase 7Geese and how our hundreds of customers use it to do continuous performance management. If you are attending the conference, come visit us at the Startup … Continue reading

How founders build company cultures

When you look at great companies such as Moz or Eventbrite that have created a cohesive culture within their organization you may wonder how did that form? Great cultures start with the founders of a company being mindful of what … Continue reading

The Most Important Decision

The most important decision in life according to Einstein is whether we live in a friendly universe or a hostile one. In our internal lunch and learn a few days ago at 7Geese HQ, I presented a talk about the most … Continue reading

Has Employee Recognition Created a Bunch of Praise Junkies?

It’s no secret that Millenials grew up with a lot of praise. This was the group that was supposedly congratulated just for walking into the classroom. Now, as this generation continues to infiltrate the workplace, the culture of recognition is … Continue reading

5 Companies Actually Living their Core Values

Core Values have been getting a lot of attention lately. And it’s no surprise considering the upside to having good core values. Things like higher employee retention, increased employee engagement, and the ability to attract strong talent are just some … Continue reading